The Feeding Begins

by Dead Teach the Living

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The debut release from Auckland metal band Dead Teach the Living. The digital edition also includes a PDF version of the album booklet and high-quality JPG album art for you to feast your eyes on.


released February 15, 2014

Liner notes taken from the album insert...

We are pleased to present Dead Teach the Living:

Kurt Huge - mouth sounds
Aran Necro(philia) - fingerbanging
Jesus Willyless - neckrubber
Soupy vanDam - the brown note
Jasper the friendly ghost - drumming & bumming

Cave paintings by Elijah Lamont
Picture taken with pinhole camera
Jolly jingles written by Dead Teach the Living
These turds were polished by Willyless in his room
Mastered by Zorran Mendonsa Productions
Andy Woodd of Cripple Mr Onion featured on tracks 7 & 9



all rights reserved


Dead Teach the Living Auckland, New Zealand

Dead Teach the Living are a four piece New Zealand metal band. While often described as a mix of extreme metal and punk, their eclectic range of influences becomes evident through the diversity and experimentation within songs. Expect twisted melodies, crazy playing and a lot of intensity - on record and live! ... more

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Track Name: Blood to Dust
Blood to dust
I'm pleading
Disintegration of by my being
I feel the presure on my skull
The bones are breaking
The bones are breaking

I'm wasting away
Wasting away
My flesh becomes decayed
The veins collapse and turn to grey
Drain the blood
Drink your life
I need it
To keep myself alive
A hunger in my soul

You don't know how it feels to be dissolving
From the inside
Constantly eroding
My mind is melting from the madness
Its imploding

Who's laughing now
You're dead at my feet
Now who's the fucking stiff

I'm wasting away
(Wasting away)
My flesh becomes decayed
The veins collapse and turn to grey
Drain the blood
Drink your life
(I need it)
To keep myself alive
A hunger in my soul

The feeding begins
My grin, drenched in blood
Defective cries
The bleeding begins
Now die

I'm wasting away
I'm wasting away
My flesh becomes
(Drain the blood)
(Drink the life)
Track Name: DXM
Watch the walls breath
As you trip through winding corridors
Drifting further
In a realm of familiar thoughts

Laughter isn't cold
When the serpent stirs the soup
Engulf a golden rainbow
Let serpents flow through you

Open the cube of silence
And reach the crimson peak

Demented shadow clowns
Hiding in lunatic smiles
The road is a twisting tongue
Leaping madly across moments in time
Track Name: Killdozer
That soil in peril
Taken by the man
Smothered by the dust of failure
Commence the mental synthesis
Cementing the ire
Ares fuels the crucible
He'll have
His revenge
On those
Who wronged him

Because of your malice
Because of your hate
I must sacrifice my life
It is my duty
Gods command

The bull dozes
Heemeyer closes in
Now comes the final time
Marvin's here

Because of your malice
Because of your hate
I must sacrifice my life
The machine is complete
It is my duty
Track Name: Lower Me Down
Lower me down
Into the earth to sleep
Nothing matters any longer
Im free
Don't be sad
Don't weep
This is only forever
Don't worry you'll forget me
Soon enough

Just a blurred face in your mind
I have the power to bleed
Memories defacing your mind
Fuck, I'm gone

I am what you will become
I am your destiny
No more time for absolution
The dirt it has reclaimed me

Never listen to their call
The time comes for the curtain to fall
But you've barely woken up
The last moment makes you sick
All those years went by so quickly
You've already had your chance now

You can't live forever
You've barely woken up
Turn around now or you will follow me down the stairway to hell
If you look back only the ashes of my former self remain

An empty church hall like I expected
That's OK I fucking hated you all anyway
Now I'm pushing daisies
Up front is a wooden box
Containing vile remains
And those remains are mine

The universe swallows your soul
While your body rots

It's your mate the mad butcher and it's time to lower the STEAKS!
Track Name: Stones in the Sky
Should have left it at ideals
Not some blinding cult
Where the message is lost
Things could be bigger
But not through man made
Profit hungry, hypnotizing
Mass mind closing
Conspiracies of control

Wake up to the virus you live for

Promised freedom and salvation
You're living for a false creation
The eyes of god are stones in the sky

Follow me and I will save you
Claim your soul, with a smile enslave you
To be buried, eternally lie

Poison the well from which we drink
To spread lethargia masquerading as peace
Refuse the choice from the day they see the light
Get them early and they're in until the day they die

Wake up to the virus you live for

He will give you peace (It's a lie)
And salvation (It's a lie)
And absolve you of your sins (It's a lie)
And cure your sickness (It's a lie)

You go around
Murdering in the name of your lord
Just for doubting his word
You think as a soldier of heaven you're free
While the rest of us burn
For an eternity
Track Name: Creeper
All thoughts open a gateway
To the wary he shall be revealed
Tall, faceless
Malevolent trauma inducer

Discard your incantations
No blood on the door will save you now
Futile to attempt to run away
You can never hide
He will find you
And take you away

Lurking in the black to consume your mind
So let go

Expressionless from ear to ear
Arms of fucking doom
(Arms of fucking doom)
A solitary harbinger
Living through the dread of those who fear him
Echoing cries of others
Left dead in the wake
Killed by their own thoughts
A mistake they made

Ensnared by a cold sense of comfort
A dark embrace numbs the pain
Look away or never look again

The flaccid shadow man is impotent without a host to feed from
He's watching you while you can't see him

The more you break down and come undone
The more you're giving him a chance to rape you
Scream all you want but you're to blame

Keep your mind closed
Bar him from your thoughts
Never get in close or you will see a nightmare
And never breathe again

Your soul belongs to me
Track Name: Soupy Luke
What's that over there?
It is vomit
Steaming slop
On the carpet
Disgorged from my retching guts
That foul mess
Entices me
Caught up in the moment
Everything else goes blank
I must be reunited with this part of me
This part of me

I sailed the ocean
Rode bile waves
Ejected from within me
Then consumed again

Feeding on soupy discharge
A putrid pile of waste
The pungent smell of this luke warm liquid
Engulfs my dripping face

Seething heap
Deep within me
Mystic touch upon my soul
Upon my soul

I've waited for the time
To be united
And now I'm on my own
There's a stillness in the air
There's nothing over there
There's nothing over there

War inside
It's time to evacuate
Regurgitate the sea of dead debris
The tides are rising inside of me

One final heave
Im exploding again
The flood gates have been released
One lasting blow
Its all over again
The flood gates have been released
Track Name: Human Centipede
My sweet three hound
Oh blessed creation
Surgical abomination
Three unfortunate souls
Sewn together
Into a sickening animal

You must
Submit and
Remember who created you
You are the subject that I need
The Human Centipede

Feed her
Take his nectar
No more separating
Just creating
Behold my treasured prize
Slave to my dark desires
Don't you dare
Don't you dare turn your backs on me
My dog lies dead in its grave
You are everything I gave
The spawn of my masterful hand
I am your god
Track Name: Cystic Eyebrosis
Lately in the city of sin
A-brewing something strange has been
Optic apocalyptic onslaught
Of anonymous peepers
Bursting forth
Why they're here no one knows
Maybe some ancient prophecy that arose in droves
The only thing that you can do is when you're all alone just remember to beware of those

Eyes erupting from cysts
Cystic eyebrosis
Surveiling every moment of humanity
They're watching while you sleep
Observing till their purpose is complete.
The mucus hole weeps lick it

Wet slaps echo carrying a stink
Countless lids flapping up and down in sync
The world around reflects in pooling seepage
Their furious spawning marks the dawn of a new age

We will kill ourselves because my own is my own
You will look no more when there's nothing to see
I come to you with the words of
Our withering existence
We are a soon and lost forgotten race

An eternity of hiding beneath the surface
Has resulted in a war against ourselves
Wiped out by a cystic anomaly
Imminent, our end is

Ripping through ball sacks
Jamming it on crack
No mouth to talk smack
The eyes

Looking through windows
Watching you change clothes
Perving your daughter
The eyes

See you end your life
And that of you wife
Don't leave the kids out
The eyes

They see you hiding
They see you crying
They see you dying
The eyes
Track Name: Disillusion Cycle
Lost connection with reality
Drifting further down
Crumbling memories fade
Emptiness is all I see

Perpetual realization of my existence burns in my mind
Gone in too far
Stuck deep within a dream and I can't quite reach to pull myself out
So alone in time

Sinking further into
Dark days of doom
I'm slowly dying
Oceans filled
With lifeless memories
Built to rule
All futile trying

Disillusion cycle saps my will
Revealing a cynical nature
The glass might be half full, but it's filled with shit
I bring it up and take a sip anyway
It's not like it matters

Sick of being content
Content with constant wanting
Pure conscious watcher of the end of worlds

Now my mind has gone to hell
I suffer from my inability to erase my self from time
(Kill yourself now)
I'm too lost
(Kill yourself now)
Dejected I won't try to pretend I'm not too far gone
Track Name: No Room in Hell (Prelude)
Snake god has spoken
Trembling graves burst forth
The dead walk the earth
Once they were among us
Past lives departed
Reanimated corpses
Brought back for a feast of blood

Scream your last breath
There's no more room in hell
For the souls of those who fall
Blood leaks out your eyes
There's no more room in hell
For the souls of those who fall

Ripping the features from innocent heads
Bathing in entrails and feeding on flesh
Raping the livestock and children alike
Show them no mercy it's the last human rite

No it can't be my end
No No No No No
My brethren slaughtered before my eyes

Scream your last breath
It's your last breath
The end of all humanity
Reflected in the eyes of the dead
Scream your last breath
Now you bleed to death
The time has come, your world is done
Realise your mortality
Track Name: Night of the Living Dead (Postlude)
Track Name: Force Fed Fear
Brain fried, he tried to fill the world above us
Pouring lies into the skies
The prisoners of the earth
Their torured screams ring out

Beating are the death rays, the waves crashing from space
A satellite blinds an entire race
Waltzing in the moons beam, lunatics within the gleam
The silver lining turned to black
As we're pulling up peace flags
Averted attention, plain body bags
I will not be hypnotized
Our words are shown through Satan's eyes

Feeding you your every thought, you never thought to think at all
How can you resist the choke when you can't see their hands around your throat?
Reptiles play cosmic overlords, justice is a game to conform
Invisible children in invisible chains of binding
Blinding, finding no truth

Hands bound, silenced
No voice, no choice
Trapped mind, no bars
Liars all around us

We have, no voice
Faced with, no choice
Venomous liars
Are all around us

We are all force fed fear
Until we hate one another
Lying just to keep control
The human race is going under
Reptiles play cosmic overlords
It's gotta stop, can't happen anymore

If you could question spirits of the past they would all answer the same
We are the ignorant beast that sets its own home alight to escape the cold