That's the sound of a chicken being slaughtered

Pig squeals in it's life of torture

Lamb turned to chops ripped from its mother

That's the sound of the plants
Growing from the ground

If you want to hear brutality
Let me tell you the story of the meat eater


This alpha beast eats
All it pleases

Innoncent life forms
Seen with no regard
But that's the appeal
They die for a meal

Sweet devourment enshrined
Savour death a bite at a time

Hunger, the void of corpse absorption
Yearning for flesh

Force fed choking on the pipe
Bones collapse, the livers ripe
Dragged aboard with conscience clean
Slice it off and hear them scream

Butchered in the name of taste
Anything to appease the meat eater

Chained up tight, no room to move
Withering in darkened rooms
Slow decay, losing light
Products of the fisting frenzy

The feeding never ends
Grinning through the blood
The cries unheard
Will the bleeding ever stem?

When you're bred as just a meal
And your fate's already sealed
How does it feel to be next in line?

Death in the jaws
The hunt's already won

Nowhere to hide, no place to go
The mighty brute will get ya!
Throughout the ages this barons roamed
Ever growing in power
No spear chuckers, bars fucker
Smother another over never having say
They can't refuse so eat them
What a shame they're not higher in chain
Gluttony killed compassion
No mercy for the weak

Rotting away in the pit
Ending up as steaming shit
That's all you are
A fucking means to satisfy his lust

We know
It's clear
They show
Utter fear
Madness led by the ego
We share
Yet still
Don't care
Love to kill
For taste
Dominant we reign

That's the sound of torture
Meat eater


from The Crowning (EP), released May 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead Teach the Living Auckland, New Zealand

Dead Teach the Living are a four piece New Zealand metal band. While often described as a mix of extreme metal and punk, their eclectic range of influences becomes evident through the diversity and experimentation within songs. Expect twisted melodies, crazy playing and a lot of intensity - on record and live! ... more

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