Shady Strip​/​Powertrip

from by Dead Teach the Living



We go
Like sand and snow
To blind
And confine

Why must it be this way?
Always unsatisfied
With what we already have
The power to decide to stop

Plowing forth to fell, the gods of lumber
Smog machines behind, here to plunder
Men in tin cans
Tearing through like they own the lands
Iron will to cover us

With sand and snow
They cover us
To build their home

Monsters as men
Perform the shady strip
Does it get you off?

The land lays bare
Been drilled real hard
The virgin fair
Violently scared

It wasn't all that long ago
The world was still in fragments
Although the pieces did not know
Becoming one let tyrants roam

It's happenning
Whips held as pens

In a place where anything can happen
Those above just push us down
Not enough for those who have everything
When's it time to turn it around?
For the weak struggle like Atlas
To keep it all from crashing down
The rich run the world we just live here
Don't forget without us you're fucked

Hope is not enough
When the rich men take it all
Action can be tough
All for one or all will fall

It wasn't all that long ago the world was different
But now the pieces know
They know, they know

Plowing forth to fell, the gods of lumber
Smog machines behind, here to plunder
Jackhammer to pry at earth's secrets
And profits shall rise
Bleed until demise


from The Crowning (EP), released May 24, 2015



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Dead Teach the Living Auckland, New Zealand

Dead Teach the Living are a four piece New Zealand metal band. While often described as a mix of extreme metal and punk, their eclectic range of influences becomes evident through the diversity and experimentation within songs. Expect twisted melodies, crazy playing and a lot of intensity - on record and live! ... more

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