Undone by the will we call her majesty
Ruled into the ground I'm spent entirely
How many times have we been blindly told to give it all?
Our fear is in our master

Our strength to fight is breaking apart at the seams
Refusal gets us nothing but a chance to bleed
A stone wall rises where our spirits fall
Heads on the gate destroys hope for us all

(Off with their heads)
We are just pawns
(Better off dead)
In the game of royalty
(They shat in our bread)
Just slaves
(Torn up and spat out)
Living for anothers purpose

Bow down or be slain with no remorse
No mercy in her smile as you fall to the floor
As she says, you will always be bound by the crown

The seeds we work to sow will never grow
Too tired to fight back and too weak

This is our call to arms

Come now my brothers
Gather round the meeting tree
Theres a meeting
At the tree

Come listen.

The hooded robin puts you in his pocket.
Where it's dark and full of lint
He lets you play
He lets you play the game
And it won't be long before you win.
In a cold glass box you sit and pull the lever.
The coins drop on the ceiling, the sight makes you a believer
Just a few more to drop through and you'll unlock the door
But the robin's giant hand swoops in and clears it all
its just a small set back, you know you're gonna win
Sit down and close your eyes, insert your coins and begin

You're just a jester in the court of the queen
Ruled into the ground I'm spent entirely

Been undone by the one


from The Crowning (EP), released May 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead Teach the Living Auckland, New Zealand

Dead Teach the Living are a four piece New Zealand metal band. While often described as a mix of extreme metal and punk, their eclectic range of influences becomes evident through the diversity and experimentation within songs. Expect twisted melodies, crazy playing and a lot of intensity - on record and live! ... more

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