These halls alone
I've only known
Never seen light
The trees grow too tight

And tall
A tower above it all
I'll climb

Raging through me
A cold fire churns

Infinite horrors, a decaying tomb
Madness grows in emptiness
It's bleak below you know?

Am I destined for solitude until the end
A far bigger world but will I ever know
Ruminations of solitude until the end
Trepidation is no fool

Pull from above
Blank pages to be filled
Now strikes the hour
When my future is revealed
Precarious climber
The foot holds crumble beneath my feet
Push upon the marble door, what awaits me?

I breach the surface
Like a new born child, a brand new life
The slab drops down with a boom
For the first time I see the moon
The moon is full, as I am with anxiety
A warm cheer fills the night and I move towards gay revelry

Standing here, looking at distorted faces
Run for the doors
Horrible screams from nearly every throat
Where is this beast so terrifying
To chill blood and warp minds
and then I caught a glimpse

And just like Howie P told it, as if in a trance
I stepped forward - stumbled in fact!
And my out streched finger met polished glass...

I have seen light
No cure for my plight
Eternal I howl
Along the winds trail
No more a home, with demons I roam
Raging through me, forever the outsider


from The Crowning (EP), released May 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead Teach the Living Auckland, New Zealand

Dead Teach the Living are a four piece New Zealand metal band. While often described as a mix of extreme metal and punk, their eclectic range of influences becomes evident through the diversity and experimentation within songs. Expect twisted melodies, crazy playing and a lot of intensity - on record and live! ... more

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